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Meet Eric

Eric is one of the happiest boys we have at the safe house, confident, bright, sure of himself and friendly…. His coming into this world however wasn’t easy and pleasant. Fate would have it that he be born in prison where his mother was serving a sentence with no parole. The odds he has come across from birth haven’t prevented him from being a fighter, hopeful and expectant.

Meet Lucy

We all face hard times and often struggle to stay afloat in this life. Many times, success is measured by grades attained in our academics… The society has quite often paved way only for the elite, the crème de la crème, the fittest, the champions ,the above …But then what about those that work so hard to fight against the heavy tides, Those that are not lucky to make it top of the class?

Meet Geoffrey

When we met Geoffrey Mbugua, a 14 year old boy orphaned at a very tender age  of four, he was at the verge of giving up hope, his grades were not pleasant at all and in spite of working very hard, he still brought home to his grandparents poor grades in school. This resulted to frustration, warnings and sometimes punishment from grandparents as it was equated to laziness and carelessness.